What Kind of OVERHEIGHT FRAME do I need?

What Kind of OVERHEIGHT FRAME do I need?

OverHeight Frame are a great tool to improve productivity and to reduce those slow operations when handling open top containers, flat racks and over-sized cargo in general. At the same time it increases significantly the security of the stevedores in those operations.

Since first OverHeight Frame appeared in the market, more than a decade ago, different models have been designed and developed. Nowadays there is a huge variety with different characteristics and it is not easy to decide which one is more suitable for your specific needs according your purchasing policies and budgeting constraints. In the following lines you will find tested and reliable information about the differences between the two main OverHeight Frame types: the Mechanical Frame and the Electric Frame.

Mechanical OverHeight Frame

The TEC Container Mechanical Frame has a physical connection (linking plate) between OverHeight Frame and main spreader beside the twistlocks, in fact, twistlocks are operated mechanically. Locking & unlocking of the twistlocks is direct. Moreover the twistlock position (open / locked) is identical in both machines. Security systems are also mechanical. To use this frame operator has to “prepare” all the spreaders welding a linking plate.

OverHeight Frame

Finally, you have to take into account that this frame has a parking stand and has to be left on it to be released from the main spreader.

Electric OverHeight Frame

The other option that you should consider when buying an OverHeight Frame is the TEC Container Electric Frame.  In this case, there is no physical connection between OverHeight Frame and main spreader apart from the twistlocks. Twistlocks are operated electrically and locking & unlocking them is not direct. The twistlock position (open / locked) is not identical in both machines. In this case, security systems are both mechanical and electronic. To use this frame you do not have to prepare the spreaders. This frame is universal (you can use with any reach stacker and spreader) and ready to be used from the first day. It includes complete lights and sounds systems to indicate the position of twistlocks.

OverHeight Frame

No parking stand is needed and the OverHeight Frame can be left at any place at the Terminal. It short it has more technology (wifi connections… etc.) and options and due to that, also price is little bit higher.

To conclude we have to remember that, although there are significant differences in security systems, preparation times and other devices, both machines solves the problem of opening top containers, flat racks and over-sized cargo in general, increasing dramatically stevedores security. It is very important, before buying any product, that you understand all implications of both mechanical and electric frames. We will be happy to help you and solve any concern you have. Let us know about your cargo problems and we will be happy to help you.

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