What do we do
after the set up of your product?

We assist you along the lifetime of the equipment

Technical support

You can contact us whenever you need. We will be glad to assist you in order to ensure the optimal use of your equipment.

+34 91 302 16 38


Maintenance & Revisions

  • TEC CONTAINER is fully committed with security. We will keep you informed about the required maintenance to be done in the equipment.
  • According to international standards, the first revision has to be done 2 years after the delivery.
  • We offer a wide range of inspections & revisions: from visual inspections and test loads to magnetic particles and ultrasonic tests.


  • We offer on-site or online, practical and theoretical training for our customers.
  • Detailed instructions and videos are available for our customers to help their maintenance teams to quick familiarize with our equipment.

Spare Parts

  • TEC CONTAINER has a complete range of spare parts for our products.
  • The use of our spare parts is highly recommended in order to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Instructions & Certificates

  • You will always have access to your instructions and certificates.
  • Documentation, traceability and third-party instructions are the way we understand responsibility.