Oversized cargo handling poses different challenges in ports with a high volume of operations. Transporting open top containers, flat racks and oversized cargo in general can slow down stevedores’ handling speed and even compromise their security.

Traditional mechanical frames help solve some of these problems with an easy to operate, direct connection between the frame and a main spreader. On the other hand this system requires spreaders to be prepared to be connected, usually with a linking plate weld to the spreader. Moreover, this approach compels port management to acquire a frame per spreader, raising financial and management costs.

With those issues in mind, in TEC Container we tried a new approach: Electric Frames. Providing electricity to the frame opens a new range of functionalities and managing options for container terminals.

Improve compatibility

Our Electric Frames don’t have a physical connection with its main spreader. This allows the operator to move the frame from a spreader to another without any preparation. This frame is universal and ready to use with any type of spreader since its arrival to the terminal.

This allows to reduce the number of frames needed to operate cranes and reach stackers, allowing operators to mount and dismount them on demand. A single frame can solve oversized cargo handling problems on a small container terminal.

Unlike mechanical frames, which require a parking stand to be released from the main spreader, electric ones are prepared to be parked anywhere on the terminal. This feature helps moving the frame where it is needed in the right moment.

Easier connection = safer environment

Traditional mechanical frames have no indicator about twistlock position. Electric Frames include a complete system of lights and sounds to help operators connecting frames and spreaders, making the whole process more precise and safe. Operators can easily access read this information on a screen:

  • Twistlock status
  • Landing pin status
  • Battery indication
  • Real time status of all sensors
  • Total and partial cycles counter
  • Total time in use
  • PLC temperature

Electric frames are equipped with solar panels for easy recharge.

It is extremely important to decide properly which OH Frame meets the needs of a terminal  and its operators and make budget wise decisions at once. We offer onsite training courses oriented to get best results, both in operational and management aspects.

Don’t hesitate on contacting our team to get advice.