Last year Port Skills and Safety published a report gathering data on Port Industry Accidents in the UK, ranging from 2014 to 2020. More than 40 companies, members of PSS, took part in this study, allowing a rough estimate of the main causes of accidents in Ports of the UK.

This post will highlight some of these findings, but you can read the whole report at PSS website.

Top accident locations in ports

Berth / Quay is the main location on this list, including open storage and on cargo equipment. Ships and Roadways hold second and third place.

Top 4 accidents locations in port industry 2020

Top accident locations in ports

It is noteworthy that among vessels, container ships are the most likely on which to have an accident.

Top accident categories

Slipping, tripping and falling are the most common accident categories.

Fortunately, accidents show a downward trend, independently of their nature or consequences.

We love to see accident rates lowering and keep working for these numbers to be even lower. Most of our products have a main focus on workers safety, with some of the problems shown in this report in mind.
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