The concept of project cargo encompasses modes of transport oriented towards heave and large-sized materials that require a high level of specialization on the part of the agents involved for the whole process to be completed properly. Factors such as the dimensions and weight of the merchandise to be transported are details to be taken into account in project logistics, since they are usually materials that require a case-specific solution.

Transferring a boat to the water with an implement specifically developed for that vessel manufactured by Tec Container

Mainly, the project load is divided into two large groups:

  • Extra heavy load: is indivisible merchandise, that is, that which cannot be broken up and that exceeds the maximum weight authorized by the relevant authorities for transport in a commonly-used means of transport.
  • Oversized load: as its name indicates, it is a type of load with dimensions greater than those approved by the relevant authorities for transport in a commonly-used means of transport, and it is usually indivisible.

This type of load involves a specific logistics operation both at source and at the destination and end-to-end management is essential so that all the procedures in the logistics chain are successful.

Example of transfer of an oversized and extra heavy load

What exactly is being transported in Project cargo?

Materials that, whether because of their weight or their dimensions, cannot be transported in container shops and which require special treatment. Common examples of project logistics include: industrial materials, construction materials, aircraft parts or railway material, as well as cargo to be used in the renewable energy sector. Additionally, it is very common that parts for nuclear plants, space industry or even civil engineering are also involved in Project cargo.

In general, it involves materials within the industrial and engineering sector which in many cases, cannot be broken up and which therefore requires a transport solution specially adapted to its dimensions and weight.

What is the key to a Project Cargo’s success?

There are many variables that influence the end result of a project cargo, some of which are imponderable. However, the most important include:

  1. Doing proper planning. Time management and managing the parties’ commitments is everything since any delay in one of the phases of the project will affect the rest of the chain and probably the end delivery date.
  2. Risk management. In terms of both security and the physical safety of the people involved in the infrastructure involved throughout the chain.
  3. Having adequate resources. This is where it’s essential to have a trusted partner to guarantee that the project will be completed on time and according to specifications, and that the goods being transported are not damaged in any way. Having companies like TEC Container, with its more than 40 years of experience, offers you peace of mind when it comes to oversized, special or extra heavy loads.
Example of transport of implements specifically designed to transfer railway material, namely a locomotive wagon

How can TEC Container help you in your Project Cargo project?

Since its founding in 1976, TEC has been intimately involved in industry and special load projects. Our contribution can be End-to-end:

  • We have a very strong technical department with extensive experience that can contribute to the initial advice
  • We have a considerable archive of designs and solutions that can help you design the tools needed for the transport and to lift the load
  • TEC Container has two plants with a total area of 3000m2 to produce these tools according to the most rigorous quality and inspection standards and, finally,
  • TEC Container can CE certify those frames, spreaders and lifting beams both in-house and through certification agencies.

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