Six fact you should know about container terminals.

7 of the 10 major ports are in China

The ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Qingdao y Tianjin are in China and in 2018 they handled 171 Million TEUs. The Top-Ten is competed by Singapore, Busan in South Korea, and Dubai in the Arab Emirates

3 from the 25 major ports are in Europe

The ports of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Antwerp in Belgium and Hamburg in Germany are the representative of the “old continent” in the Top-25. Their total amount for 2018 is 34 Million TEUs

Spain contributes 3 terminals to the Top-50 of the World

Valencia (#28), Algeciras (#33) and Barcelona (#47) are the container terminals with the highest container traffic. Among the three they managed in 2018 13.4 Million TEUs, and registered positive growth compared to 2017 data. Valencia (+6%), Algeciras (+9%) and Barcelona (+17%)

North America (USA + CAN)

The largest port in North America is Los Angeles with a traffic in 2018 of 9.5 Million TEUs. The USA and Canada contribute a total of 6 ports in the Top 50. In addition to Los Angeles (#17), Long Beach (#20), New York / New Jersey (#22), Savannah (#37), Seattle (#45), and Vancouver in Canada (#49).

Together they handled a total of 36 Million TEUs in 2018, which meant a 5% increase over 2017 figures


Regarding the 2017 data, the major port growth was registered in Singapore: in 2018 it handled 2.94 Million TEUs more than in 2017, which represented an increase of 9%It is followed by the Ningbo port that managed 1.92 TEUs in 2018 more than in 2017.

In the chapter of declines, it is worth mentioning the decrease of 1.13 Million TEUs of Hong Kong and the 0.56 Million TEUs decrease of the Port of Salalah in Oman


If we take as a reference the G7, a group that encompasses the main world economies, several facts are worth-mentioning: The United States (5), Germany (3) have more than one port placed in the Top-50, while the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan have at least one. However, Italy and France do not have any ports in the Top-50. If we go further to the G8. Russia does not have any one either.

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