TEC Container has designed, manufactured and made available to the client a very special spreader: A spreader designed to work in ATEX, that is, anti-explosion, environments.

The model is the BA-320E and the client is TTS Group, an international corporation that provides first-rate handling solutions and access systems for the marine and offshore industries based in Norway. This special electric spreader will be responsible for handling the containers with Liquefied Natural Gas, which will feed the engines of a RO-PAX vessel sent to the North Sea.


  • ATEX electrical regulations

During the design, selection, set-up and inspection of the Spreader, the specific requirements for explosive atmospheres set out in the IEC 60079-14: 2013 standard have been met. In addition, given the sea conditions and a possible driving temperature of 85°C, instrumentation, power and signalling cables have had to meet the requirements set out in IEC 60092-353 / 375.

  • Electrical design

The BA-320E-ATEX model is part of a Spreader family designed for bridge cranes that operate on the deck or in the hold of a ship. The features of the electrical design of this machine can be described in terms of its power and control system as follows:

Power system:

The available power supply is 3x400VAC/ 50 Hz.

The twistlocks are moved by an articulation system and a three-phase electric gearmotor.

The Spreader has a 24VDC electrical conversion system that powers the control system.

Control system:

The Spreader has a set of sensorized safety pins, which detect the correct fitting of its twistlocks.

Blocking and unlocking twistlocks is only possible when the four pins are correctly fitted

A set of light indicators is mounted on the Spreader, to signal: proper electrification, proper fitting of twistlocks, proper locking and unlocking of the twistlocks.

All of its system components are trained to operate in Zone 1: EX II 2G of IIA T1.

The BA-320E model.


The electrical connection between the Spreader and the crane was made through an electric hose LKSM-HF.

An explosion-proof panel was installed to house a power supply for control and signalling and two contactors to control the motor’s rotation.

The sensorized pins and the engine position sensors were implemented with limit switches according to the ATEX zone.

The indicator lights were arranged in a single ATEX beacon with four optical signals (yellow, red, green and blue). The beacon operates at 24 VDC and has a luminous capacity of 312 Cd to guarantee it can be viewed properly.

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