Last May 2019, Tec Container successfully completed the delivery of 2 Telescopic Gondola Cages (BA-323CT model) in Marsa Maroc Terminal, Casablanca. This has been the first time that TEC delivered this innovative type of Safety cages in Morocco, opening new opportunities with other customers in this country and in North Africa.

This operation has been successfully thanks to our partnership with SPIA MAROC ( This collaboration started 4 years back in 2015 and since then TEC Container Equipment such spreaders and OHFrames is a common active in the Moroccan container terminals.

The BA-323CT model is the safest device in the market for unlashing operations in vessels, as the cages are designed and produced with a strict safety factor of 10 to avoid any possible accident of the stevedores working inside.

In addition:

The Cage can be used together with all type of spreaders, with no need for any modification or retrofitting.

This gondola cage model has different accessories that can be added depending on the customer’s need. For example, fixed flippers, protection bumpers and rubber supports in the lower part of the gondolas to protect the structure when placing the cage on the floor.

TEC also offers the theoretical and practical training for the local staff that will be using the cage (crane drivers, maintenance agents and technicians).

Marsa Maroc has relied on TEC Container and SPIA MAROC proposal. Therefore, they have confirmed a second order for two more BA-323CT gondola cages for their TC3 PC terminal (subsidiary of Marsa Maroc) in Casablanca. This second delivery will be done in the Q3 of 2019.

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