Over Height Frame WiFi Connected

Over Height Frame WiFi Connected

TEC Container presents the new Over Height Frame WiFi connected. The continuous R&D for new solutions for our customers has resulted in a new Over Height Frame with WiFi technology, which together with a specific software, provides new and exceptional options for use and maintenance

To the already known characteristics of the TEC Container Over Height Frame BA-030E4 which are the compatibility with all kind of spreaders and the capacity to operate in a totally automatic way, now we have added the possibility to connect it via Wi-Fi with the maintenance team of the terminal.

Using software designed by TEC that connects the BA-030E4 with a standard laptop, the maintenance team of the terminal receives up to 12 indicators in real time about the current state and the recent use performance of the Over Height Frame. Indicators such as the number of cycles, both absolute and relative, the time of use, the state and level of the batteries, the temperature of the PLC … etc.

Additionally, the BA-030E4, through the Wi-Fi connection, offers the real time status of each of the position sensors. This is especially useful in case of incident during loading and unloading operations so that the maintenance and operations teams can, in a simple and intuitive way, analyze what the fault is and what the best solution could be.

In short, it helps the maintenance staff by reducing the time in which the Over Height Frame is “not operative”, it allows connecting in real time to make quick diagnosis and, finally, in case of incident it enables the detection of the fault in a record time.

The TEC BA-030ET model has fixed versions of 20ft and 40ft and Telescopic version 20-40-45ft. Its standard work load is 50T and its free height is 2.7m.

More information at www.ohframes.com

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