Container Terminals, like other industrial environments, require specific safety measures to avoid incidents. In particular cargo handling activities on terminals have a high risk of triggering accidents involving property, machinery and, of course, humans.

Although some of them are caused by environmental factors, most accidents are caused by human negligence according to Ports Skills and Safety Industry Accidents report. Other studies conducted by students on Indonesia´s Naval Architecture Study program concluded that cargo handling equipment damage stands as the other main cause for accidents.

How to reduce or prevent those hazards?

Use safety cages for stevedores safety

High percentages of container terminal accidents are related to workers slipping, tripping or falling. Although it is a trend throughout the world that these accidents are less and less fatal each year, they still are a big issue in economic terms.

Using or updating safety cages on terminals significantly reduces laboral risks, creating a safer working environment for stevedores when operating containers or working at height.

Keep handling equipment up to date

Fulfilling maintenance requirements for machinery and replacing obsolete equipment is a basic measure to avoid handling incidents.

TEC Container´s approach on this subject consists of having fluid communication with our clients, sending periodic reminders on key dates for machinery maintenance. We also offer an extensive catalog of lashing equipment for replenishment on demand.

Embrace new technologies

New technologies and machinery are developed every year and we like to be part of that industrial evolution. In terms of safety, sensors are a big improvement when handling cargo since they provide precision much higher than that of the human eye.

Our BA-030e is a little example of this evolution, since it adds different kind of sensors, alerts and signals meant to improve operators safety and quality of life.

Never stop learning

Human resources also need to keep up to date and the pace of advances in industrial activities is sometimes faster than we can foresee. Continuous learning favors a work team that is better prepared to adopt new changes, not only for its capability to do so but for its predisposition.

In TEC Container we value this human potential and we offer onsite and online training for our most demanded products.

After more than 40 years providing solutions, we have a deep understanding of the differences between cargo terminals worldwide, based on their size and volume of operation. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.